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Welcome to The Healing Room!

To create The Healing Room, I spent 14 months recording 93 podcasts of my teachings, healings, prayers and visualizations. I hope you feel the power of the Light, Angels and Guides as you listen and participate. My goal is that you receive a shift in your energy from the recordings. 
Photos, like this one, are the drawings that I do during your long distance energy healings. I let the Guides move my hand and pen, to clear your energy field on paper. I start by sketching a quick stick figure of you and your chakras, or energy vortexes, then, I let the Guides take over. As you can see from the drawings, there are hundreds of lines drawn throughout a session. Every stroke of the pen is either clearing old energy patterns from you or weaving in new healthier threads of light.
Below is a directory of all of the podcasts. Click on which month you would like to listen to. Within each month’s content, you will find 6 or more recordings, each with a drawing from the long distance healing sessions. Enjoy!
  1. Energized!
  2. The Past
  3. Custody Case
  4. We Are Unafraid
  5. Wings - For Kids
  6. 5 Minute Reconnect
  1. Presentation Prep
  2. Procrastination
  3. Hurricane Trauma
  4. Feeling Run Down
  5. Like a Tree - for Kids
  6. Heal the Hurt in Relationship
  1. Clear Your Home
  2. Remove Stress
  3. World Drama
  4. Drugs, Alcohol and Suicide - for Teens
  5. Prosperity Prayer for September 2017
  6. Bedtime Visualization for Kids
  1. Maintain Your Energy Field
  2. Anxiety
  3. Left Shoulder Chakra
  4. Kids’ Bedtime Prayer
  5. Happiness
  6. Bedtime Healing for Adults
  1. Frustration!
  2. Couple’s Prayer for Before a Date
  3. Prayer After a Hard Day
  4. Prayer for My Daughters
  5. Prayer for Prosperity
  6. Bedtime Prayer for Kids - July 2017
  7. Prayer for Your Path
  1. Kids Bedtime Prayer - June 2017
  2. Morning Prayer - June 2017
  3. So Tired
  4. Injured
  5. Our Turn
  6. Bedtime Prayer for Adults - June 2017
  7. Suicide—for Teens
  1. The Ocean of Light—for Teens
  2. Cutting Cords
  3. Unhappy in Our Relationship
  4. Too Empathic
  5. The Importance of Grounding
  6. How to Feel Special—for Kids
  1. Entities—Spiritual Parenting
  2. Do What You Love
  3. What is Death? for Kids
  4. Allowing God In
  5. Happiness—for Teens and Adults
  6. Depression
  1. Feel Better! for Kids
  2. Stress! for Teens
  3. Grounding in an Ungrounded World
  4. Good Morning!
  5. Cared For—A Bedtime Prayer for Adults
  6. Wanting to Exit
  7. Disconnected From Our Partner
  1. How to Protect Our Young
  2. Exhaustion—A Bedtime Healing for Adults
  3. Post-Inauguration Prayer
  4. Imagine Your Day—A Morning Healing
  5. FEAR!!
  6. Am I Worthy?
  7. Be the Light—For Kids
  8. Turn Your Mood Around—For Teens and Preteens
  1. How to Breakup
  2. How to Fall Asleep
  3. The Shoulder Chakras—A Lesson for Healers
  4. Speak Out!
  5. How to Clear Your Energy Field for Teenagers
  6. New Year’s Resolutions
  7. Clearing Ourselves from Family
  8. How to Clear Yourself from the News
  1. Kids’ Bedtime Prayer
  2. Releasing Pain
  3. Attracting Love
  1. A Teaching For Healer-Types
  2. Enlightenment - A Teaching And Healing
  3. Side By Side But Separately
  4. Clearing Our Home
  1. Cicada
  2. Afraid At Night
  3. Fearless and Brave
  4. Alone / Afraid
  5. Anger Frustration
  6. A Teaching On Chakras
  7. A Teaching On Guidance