February 2017

Healings, Teachings and Prayers

by Ariel Hardy

Singing by Ariel's daughter, Galen Walkup

Music by Ian Sanderson

How to Protect Our Young

Ariel guides us in removing the patterns of worry toward the children in our lives.  She teaches us how to remove worry and send the kids in our lives empowering light instead.  Join Ariel in clearing our young.

Exhaustion—A Bedtime Healing for Adults

This is an energy healing to listen to before bedtime. Ariel asks our guides to cover us in a blanket of  healing light to restore us when we feel exhausted.

Post-Inauguration Prayer

This prayer is for anyone who felt sad after the U.S. 2017 Presidential Inauguration.

Imagine Your Day—A Morning Healing

Ariel leads us in a visualization to create a day filled with ease and happiness.


In this healing, Ariel banishes fear from our energy fields.  She describes what power looks like in energy form.

Am I Worthy?

Whether we feel worthy or not, Ariel describes the function of God’s light in our energy fields.

Be the Light—For Kids

Ariel leads kids in a visualization to remind them that, energetically, they are made of light.

Turn Your Mood Around—For Teens and Preteens

Ariel gives teens and preteens some practical ways they can shift their mood.  Then, she leads them in a visualization to clear their energy.

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