April 2017

Healings, Teachings and Prayers

by Ariel Hardy

Singing by Ariel's daughter, Galen Walkup

Music by Ian Sanderson

Entities—Spiritual Parenting

Have you ever wondered why you don’t like your teen sometimes and visa versa? If your teen is shutting you out and you are glad they are contained in their room with the door closed, they probably have a creepy entity attached to them that is making them feel miserable. This podcast is to help set them free so that you can have your sweet, bright kid back!

Do What You Love

Before you quit your job to do what you love, listen to this podcast! I talk about how to bring that dream out of hiding and into your everyday life to actually fuel your passion for the life you already have!

What is Death? for Kids

Do you kids understand death? Have they asked you about it? In this podcast, I explain what it looked like when my dog, Sonya, left her body and became a spirit. I assure children that there are Angels that love them dearly, who will help take care of them when the time comes to move into their loving arms.

Allowing God In

Do you ever feel like when you call on God and the Angels nothing happens? In this podcast I talk about the reasons why we sometimes can’t feel them around us. I lead us in a prayer to open ourselves up to allowing God and the Angels into our energy field and into our lives.

Happiness—for Teens and Adults

There is so much pressure on teens to make the right decisions, but really, we have that same amount of pressure on us throughout our whole lives. The choices that a young adult makes are no more important than decisions we make every year as an adult, so I believe that we need to teach teens how to know what to do. If you too, would like to learn the secret to easily deciding your next move, this podcast is for you as well as for the young adults in your life!


Sometimes we might feel like we can’t pray for others if we, ourselves aren't in a good place. But, one way to lift a feeling of depression is to take care of others by sending them light. Join me in this podcast as we pray for the world!

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