March 2017

Healings, Teachings and Prayers

by Ariel Hardy

Singing by Ariel's daughter, Galen Walkup

Music by Ian Sanderson

Feel Better! for Kids

This is a prayer and visualization for kids to use when they don’t feel good. Whether they are sick or have a long-term illness, they can use this podcast to guide them into a better mental state when their body feels like it is falling apart.

Stress! for Teens

This prayer and visualization is for teens who feel stressed out from all of the responsibility on their shoulders. I talk to them about being different. I lead them through a visualization for allowing the stress to fall away. At the end, I pray that their Angels and Guides help them to keep the stress off and to feel light, like a kid again.

Grounding in an Ungrounded World

In this podcast, I give examples of what we act like when we are grounded versus ungrounded. I describe what grounding can like in the energy field. I discuss how impossible it is to ground in these times and give some practical ways to stay grounded. I lead us in prayer to ask the Angels to help us maintain our grounding.

Good Morning!

Set up your day energetically! This is another podcast to be listened to in the morning. In it, I call in our Guides and Angels to bring us an easy, fun day, no matter how daunting it looks from our bed before our feet hit the floor!

Cared For—A Bedtime Prayer for Adults

I didn’t think it was fair that the kids in The Healing Room were the only ones with bedtime prayers, so I’ve been recording some for adults too! At the end of the day, no matter how many people we interacted with, we can still feel lonely. This prayer is to bring in the energy of feeling cared for so that we wake up in the morning feeling special and blessed.

Wanting to Exit

Many of you have been telling me that lately you have been having thoughts of exiting the Earth because of how bad it has been feeling here. This podcast is to encourage you to pull the light down through you instead of desiring to leave the body to go into the light.

Disconnected From Our Partner

This prayer is for when we feel disconnected from our partner in our personal relationship. I talk about pulling our energy back away from our loved one, not as a game to get them to come toward us, but to recenter and reconnect to God and to ourselves. This, naturally, helps clear up the energy in relationships.

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