January 2017

Healings, Teachings and Prayers

by Ariel Hardy

Singing by Ariel's daughter, Galen Walkup

Music by Ian Sanderson

How to Breakup

In this teaching and energy healing, Ariel shares how she stays out of the drama in a relationship breakup.  She talks about how to stay clear when you get emotional about the breakup.

How to Fall Asleep

This podcast was inspired by a request from one of our Healing Room members who has trouble falling asleep at night.  Ariel shared a visualization that she uses to fall asleep and then clears us and the rooms in our homes energetically in case there are any spirits there that might be keeping us awake.

The Shoulder Chakras—A Lesson for Healers

Ariel discusses the importance of working on people's shoulder chakras in energy healing work.  She talks about what the right and left shoulder vortexes represent.  Ariel describes the connection from each shoulder to the feet.

Speak Out!

In this podcast, Ariel teaches about the throat chakra.  She talks about keeping the energy in the throat healthy through voice or expression.  Ariel clears our throat chakras in a healing and ends with a prayer of praise to the Angels.

How to Clear Your Energy Field for Teenagers

Ariel actually clears the teenagers energetically in this podcast. She also teaches them how to do it themselves after school.

New Year’s Resolutions

In this podcast, Ariel prays about our coming year on all levels: career, money, relationships, body, and our connection to God.

Clearing Ourselves from Family

Over the Holidays many of us get trapped in old family patterns that we grew up with even though we’ve changed.  We are no longer the same person and neither are our family members, but we get stuck in the same old dynamics.  In this podcast, Ariel clears us of the oppressive feelings that can come from these family situations.

How to Clear Yourself from the News

Ariel discusses the amount of traumatic scenes we are witnessing through the internet and how these scenes are coming a little too close to home.  Ariel prays to release the horrific images from our energy fields so that we can do our part energetically by staying in the flow of light.

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