June 2017

Healings, Teachings and Prayers

by Ariel Hardy

Singing by Ariel's daughter, Galen Walkup

Music by Ian Sanderson

Kids Bedtime Prayer - June 2017

When I asked for feedback from members of The Healing Room, they let me know that some kids are listening to my monthly podcast for kids every night and waiting for the new one each month! For all of the parents who really need some variety, haha, I think you will like this one. I left the part in there where I actually yawn as I am recording—hopefully your kids will yawn too and go to sleep!

Morning Prayer - June 2017

You guys asked for another morning prayer to lay out your day energetically, so here it is! Instead of trying to control how our day goes, let’s just ask for how we want to feel in it, no matter what happens!

So Tired

You can listen to this prayer at any time during the day, whenever you feel low energy. I tried out my own podcast when I was tired and it worked! By the end of the 10 minutes, I was totally energized!


I recorded this one when I broke my little toe. 😀 I discuss how a physical condition can change the course of our normal life, and how it’s challenging to go with the flow and receive help. I guide us in how to use our hands to pour light and love into an injury so that it heals quickly.

Our Turn

This podcast is to remind us to give ourselves a turn when we give to others all day long. You can use this prayer to take a 10 minute break and give yourself a turn. In this podcast, I guide us in how to pour light into our soul center until we feel fulfilled.

Bedtime Prayer for Adults - June 2017

Per request, I’ve recorded another bedtime prayer for adults! 😀 I really love this one. It’s like tucking all of the adults in The Healing Room into bed like little kids. Listen to this one when you want to put aside all of your worries and fall into a deep sleep.

Suicide—for Teens

In this podcast, I scare the crap out of teens so that they don’t commit suicide. Give it a listen and then share it with your teen. If they are not suicidal, they probably have friends who are. In this prayer, I get all fired up and clear dark energy from our teens so that they make it through these young years.

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