July 2017

Healings, Teachings and Prayers

by Ariel Hardy

Singing by Ariel's daughter, Galen Walkup

Music by Ian Sanderson


I recorded this prayer when I was feeling really frustrated about trying to log into a new website with a password. haha! In this prayer, I take my energy from frustrated to happy within minutes. Play this podcast whenever you need it to quickly bring yourself back to center.

Couple’s Prayer for Before a Date

Have you ever showed up in your relationship with your mood and mind still back at work? My boyfriend and I pray together before our dates so that we are present for each other. This is a recording of one of our prayers.

Prayer After a Hard Day

I recorded this prayer at about 5:00 p.m. after a hard day to make sure that my evening was nothing like the day!

Prayer for My Daughters

In this podcast, I share with you how I pray for my daughters so that you too, can send Angels to protect your loved ones.

Prayer for Prosperity

I see money as a blessing from my Guides. By aligning myself with the flow of prosperity, I also step into the flow of God’s light. Join me in this prayer and visualization to make sure you are in that flow.

Bedtime Prayer for Kids - July 2017

In this bedtime prayer, I ask your children to hand me any bad mood or worry they might have experienced lately. By giving it to me, they can simply let it go and snuggle into bed for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Prayer for Your Path

At the end of a woman’s energy healing session this month, she asked me if I could give her a prayer that she could say so that she was brave enough to stay on her path. My Guides showed me that as soon as the session was over, they would download the prayer through me. I recorded it for all of us to use.

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