Work With Ariel

Get an energy tuneup

As an energy healer since 1996, I have learned to clear people’s energy, long distance, using just a photo and name. I am “self-taught,” which really means that I have trained myself to allow Angels to work through me to show me what you need. I am shown where your energy is blocked, or not flowing. Once the Angels help me clear your energy, I send Light to pour over you and through you, so that you feel light and peaceful. 

An energy “tuneup” is my name for a mini energy clearing. Tuneups take me just a few minutes to do. Instead of a full-blown energy session that can take an hour, tuneups, are quick clearings that you can get on the go. We are not on the phone for these. I do not set an appointment time for these. If you text in, I add you to my list of tuneups that I do throughout the day. When I get to your name, I will clear you with a drawing of the energy. Then, I will send you that drawing and a brief explanation of the clearing. You do not need to stop what you are doing for a tuneup. People text me all the time saying, “I was sitting at a restaurant, or talking to my friend, or in class, and I suddenly felt lighter. I looked at my phone and you had just messaged me that you did my tuneup.” I will not, and cannot accommodate requests to work on you at specific times that work around your schedule. Because I am doing up to 55 tuneups a day, at this point, I need to keep my energy flowing from one person to the next, without interference.

Many people have me clear them on a regular basis. I clear myself everyday, several times a day. I clear my kids several times a week. I clear my dog and my house every couple of weeks. The reason people get energy tuneups on a regular basis is because, we can feel fantastic one minute, and then, something happens that throws us into a really bad mood. All of the joy that we felt, can go right down the drain. This is when a tuneup comes in handy. People message me from morning until night, asking for tuneups, because, just like brushing your teeth or washing your hands, the energy field needs constant maintenance. Tuneups are addictive because most people feel lighter, instantly after I clear them. They are addictive for me to do them for you, because I get to be surrounded by Angels and pour Light into you, which is rewarding and fun! I listen to uplifting music and get on a total high while I do the tuneups. 
I can also clear your kids, pets, boyfriend or husband, house or office, from a photo. If your kid is a teenager or older, please get their permission so that we don’t cross their boundaries. Always get permission before you have me clear the man in your life too! (Especially if he’s mad at you. :D) If someone you know is in the ICU or emergency surgery, then, yes, I will work on them without their permission. If you want me to clear your house, I’ve learned that a photo of the back of the house is more effective than a photo of the front. This view helps me to get past the facade and into the inside of a house. I also think that it is more effective to clear individual rooms in a house versus a picture of the entire house, but I do charge $25 per room, if you do it this way.
You can request a tuneup by texting me at 303 325 1990. Include a photo of yourself, or whoever you want me to clear. I like it best when you complain in your text too! Tell me what’s wrong, so I can plunge right into the thick of things and clear it up quickly. It’s no fun for me, if I am just guessing what might be wrong and why your energy is stuck. These are not psychic readings. They are energy clearings. So be clear about what you want me to help you with.
If you feel like you are going to bother me by requesting too many tuneups, you’re not. Some people pay for a whole month of tuneups. Some people have me clear them certain days a week, or every other day, or 7 in a row, etc. People tell me that the tuneups build on each other, and they feel lighter and freer as I clear them. Other people just get one here and there when they feel they need one. Everybody is different, so you just have to try it and see what works for you.
How to pay for your tuneups: 

Send me $25, (or $25 times however many you are getting), through Venmo or PayPal—I now even take payments through FB messenger! Here and there I get someone who does not have, and does not want to get the app for any of these payment methods. I totally understand this. If this is the case for you, and you really want a tuneup, give a young person or a tech-savvy friend, 25 bucks and have them send it to me through their Venmo, PayPal, or Fb. Info for you, or them, is found here.

And last, but not least, you are not bothering me by texting me, even if it is late at night. My ringer is off at night, and if I open your text or message, it means that I am full of energy and ready to dive in. Also, I LOVE doing tuneups. I quit doing my regular half hour and hour-long healing sessions because the tuneups are so much more fun for me. So text or message me anytime.