July 15, 2013

Mother-Father God, please take this pain from my heart. Lift me beyond this sadness and suffering. I ask you to lay your healing hands over the wound in my chest. I breathe in this healing now. Take this pain from me. I release the one that i loved to the Universe now. I set him free to be with you, to continue on his journey without me. Keep him safe. Guide him. I let go.

As i close the door between us, I do not know what my life will look like now, without him. God, i give this to you now. I call on my Angels and Guides to gather around me, to prop me up, to give me strength. Thank you for how many times you have mended my heart. Thank you for how you endlessly care for me. Thank you for how you love me. Teach me that higher love.

Now as I face my future without the one that i loved, please guide me. Show me the way. Please keep me from building a layer around myself that keeps love out. I open my heart to you. I open my wings to be in love with life. I ask my Guides and Angels to weave for me a new life of love.

Please fill my empty heart with your healing light now. Please take this yearning for the one I have let go of from my throat and heart chakras. I need you, my Angels. I need you to fill me with peace and grace. Release me now from turmoil. I let go. I let go. I let go. I open. I breathe in your love for me.

I do not know how I will go on. I depend on you, my Guides, to carry me through this day, this night. I allow you to lift me up and support me. Help me to get back on my feet. Help me to feel happy again. Help me to feel like myself again.
Thank you for my friends. Thank you for my family. Thank you for my animal guides and my wonderful home filled with Angels and God's presence. I am not alone. I am supported. I am loved. My house is full of light. Amen.

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