December 4, 2012

Let's talk about giving thanks.  I don't believe in convincing yourself and the Universe that you should be thankful if you aren't feeling it.  For example, if we look around and the floor is dirty and the dishes aren't washed and we have a headache, we can list what we are thankful for, but good luck feeling it.   Here's another example:  say i have no money to spend at the holidays.  I could give thanks for what i do have, but i am not convincing myself or the Universe that i really feel thankful.  The Universe reads vibration, so don't even try to lie to it, it hears your true feelings loud and clear.

If i am not feeling thankful, i complain and i ask my Guides to fix it.  I don't mean that i want them to help me to feel thankful for what i have.  I mean, when they start answering some of my prayers, i will gladly and easily give thanks!

Our Guides are our team and they want us to be happy.  If we ask them, they gladly serve us, happy that we recognize them and value their job.  i work closely with my Guides all day long in the healing room and out in the world, while i am running errands, etc.  Most of the things they do for me are things that i specifically asked for.  Some of the things that they do are just because they know me and they know that i will be pleased with something they set up; they know that i will notice it and appreciate their hard work.

Here's an example of the dialogue or the dance going on between me and my Guides:   

Remember, our Guides read vibration--they can read our thoughts, so it's up to us whether we want to just think our prayers or say them out loud, write them or sing them, etc.  I play this game where i only spend cash on anything outside the regular budget, (beyond utilities, groceries, etc.)  So, I say in my head, "Guides!  I don't have cash for my daughters haircut and dye this evening!  Somehow, make this happen!"  My Guides and i are now co-creating.  I did my part by asking, i continue to do my part, by going to work.  I let go, thinking, everyone coming for a healing usually uses a credit card, so this will be interesting to see how the Guides pull this off.  Then i forget about it, because it's out of my hands now; my job is to just live and let the Guides work.

That evening, i'm standing there ready to pay the hairdresser and i pull a hundred, plus the tip, out of my wallet and say out loud, "Woah!  Where did this come from?"  Then i remember that a new person in my practice paid cash today!  When she paid me, it didn't cross my mind to think, "Yes!  Money for the haircut!"  I was focused on reading her energy and moving quickly to keep on schedule.  I also didn't notice because i wasn't trying to create this miracle; i had given that assignment to my Guides so that i could focus on other things, like healing this woman. This is what it looks like to get out of the way and let your Guides solve all of the things you could be wasting your energy worrying about.  So, before bed, i am delighted all over again as i scan through my day, recalling all of the times that my Guides impressed me.  i write in my journal, "Thank you for the cash for the haircut!!"  By the time i write all of the little things, and sometimes really big things that my Guides and i co-created together in the day, i am basking in a wonderful feeling of amazement and thanksgiving.

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