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"As a new mother I became riddled with anxiety about the health of my new family. After one session with Ariel I left feeling safe, comfortable with my feelings and mentally a million times lighter. Thank you!"

"It was almost 20 years ago but i would call it a spiritual and physical crisis (that included surgery). I received understanding around both my innocence and the ways I could use my creative power to influence my spirituality and my health, and I am still on this amazing path of discovery. Thank you to the light, my guides, and all the miraculous ways Ariel has been led to lead us in healing ourselves."

"I have gone to Ariel for years because she makes the spiritual healing experience very tangible and real. She helps me with all the levels of healing Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Last week I went because was in intense fear around changing my career and starting my own business. Ariel not only helped clear the fear, but also coached me on practical steps I can take that help me manifest my desires. I have felt less fear and more confidence this week. Thank you Ariel, thank you Angels and Guides for your assistance in my healing process."

"I recently visited Ariel for the first time. I came in because I was experiencing writer's block as well as perseverating thoughts around certain relationships. What I was excited about was the communication that happened during the session and Ariel's ability to convey to me the areas of concern with my Chakras as well as my personal experiences. It was when she told me I had three emotional losses that she saw as tears to my solar plexus chakra that I felt completely connected to my angels/guides/Spirit as I had lost three brother-in-laws and three friends over the course of four years. I felt very clear and motivated after our session. Thank you."

"I have seen Ariel as needed, for 15 years—myself, my grandsons, my animals. She has helped me find my authentic self and get thru difficult times, in so very many ways. Bring in the light! Thank you to Ariel, Guides, Angels and Mother Father God."

"I haven't met Ariel in person, but nonetheless she first helped me out with distance healing at a time when I was unemployed and feeling lost and insecure. Since then I've felt that I know and love myself better and I feel confident that even if I feel miserable about some circumstance in one moment, I can always heal it! Thank you so much to Ariel and to Spirit Guides, Angels, and the Light!"

"I initially came to Ariel for overall healing and well being. Then I worked with her regularly during my father's illness and transition. I could not have moved through this time with such grace if not for her work. Many thanks and much appreciation to ALL!"

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