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"There are so many reasons I listen to The Healing Room, and depending on the reason I choose a different podcast. I love to listen to the morning prayer before I start my workday. It helps me feel centered, light, and ready to accomplish my new task. There are times when I feel confused, scattered, stuck or overwhelmed. Then I will choose one of the prayers that jumps out at me. Either I can stay in a place that doesn't feel good, or I can take responsibility and choose to do something for myself. Listening to a prayer allows me a moment to stop, be present and reset myself. Not to mention, Ariel has been a trusted healer and friend for so long that hearing her voice gives me the kick I need to get back on track."

"The Healing Room is my go-to when I need a dose of Ariel! I use her prayers/meditations daily to ground and connect me, and get my energy back into alignment and in a positive spin. It feels as if I've had a healing in just a few short minutes, which is priceless! I'm beyond grateful for this amazing resource, from this incredibly gifted earth angel!"
—REBECCA ROSEN, Denver Spiritual Medium

"The Healing Room is a place to FIX my thinking. If I am off balance, or stuck, or down, I can fix that by joining in with one of your prayers. Works every time.”

"I find a relaxing place sometimes even in the bathtub and listen to your prayers and meditation it helps me relax and bring in the Light that you speak of. Reminds me we are all connected to source and that helps still my mind from negative self talk. Some of my old patterns that fell away are, holding onto clients or friends' problems. Being an empath, its easy to feel overwhelmed. Your work helps me feel at ease and release this. In Layman's terms you will feel lighter and free. It also helps gain a positive momentum for your day."
—RICK FINBOW, Denver Psychic

"I highly recommend Ariel's Healing Room podcasts. I use them on a daily basis to keep my energy clear. They are particularly helpful when you have a stressful situation in your life, and you need a dose of comfort or just to feel more grounded. My kids love them too!”
—CHELLI PUMPHREY, Denver Psychotherapist

"I have found The Healing Room to be an always-available companion. I have gone there when I just needed to sit and breathe and not think, just to let the words and the breath wash over me. I have also gone there at times when I felt the foundation of some aspect of my life was falling from under me. I have used the recordings as mini-healings that I let me guides and breath help me work through. I am so grateful that this space exists; thank you for creating it!"

"I first listened to Ariel on VoiceAmerica and absolutely loved each show. I felt moved, calm and connected in a way that I had never felt before. I knew I had to listen to more of her healings and prayers, so I joined her Healing Room subscription and it has been such a gift! My seven year-old son and I listened to her Bedtime and Afraid/Alone healing and my son had never slept so peacefully. A few days later, he asked me,"Mommy, can you play the thing that calms me down?" He has always been our anxious child and hearing that brought such a smile to my face. Ariel is a true gift from God—a bright light."

"I just listened to your prayer on getting to sleep as I have had some issues of late, and as always I am so touched by your words and your energy. You are indeed so very special."

"Ariel, just wanted to say that I was able to help myself using your Releasing Pain prayer and no longer felt the need for a healing. This month the How to Break Up also helped me connect and How to Fall Asleep has really been helpful, especially getting back to sleep in the early morning. This morning I used it and those extra two hours of sleep gave me a balance today I wouldn’t otherwise have had. Thank you so much."

"We listened to one of your prayers this morning to start our office meditation! LOVED it! The intention to leave behind the pain of the past and raise your vibration through letting go...such good stuff!!"

"This is amazing. Your pictures, your daughter's music, The Healing Room,.. it's so wonderful to watch all of your talents and work evolve over the years. I'm excited about having access to The Healing Room!"

"My son couldn't fall asleep last night so I played the healing Alone/Afraid. I could hear him in his room breathing. He was breathing like you do as you clear energy. I looked in a little while later and he was asleep."

"I've been a Healing Room subscriber for a few months now and i just wanted to reach out to thank you so much for your recordings. I can't tell you how much they've helped me. And as I make big moves in my business (in service of helping people) you have helped me time and time again to stay in divine flow, to stay out of my way, to stay grounded, and to stay brave."

"Love The Healing Room! I have done one daily and I find they really do bring the Light. Thank you!."

"The healing room is changing my life one healing at a time! I have been using the site daily. Ariel mentions showing up and doing our part - as I follow this guidance and show up each day (sometimes several times a day) it gets easier to connect. My days are more peaceful, connected and joyful. I'm learning how to remain clear and keep my energy flowing. There is healing for any situation I may find myself. I am grateful for the work - and Ariel!"

"My 12 year old son and I listened to the Kids’ Bedtime Prayer. He loved the opening music and listened to the whole thing with a big smile on his face. After the prayer ended, he lay flat on his back and said, “I feel better”, with a heavy sigh."

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