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"My friend has had chronic back pain and stomach issues. After your second tune up, he has not experienced any symptoms! This is crazy because he was struggling with these issues for over a year and a half!"

— Lee Hendricks from Bacelona, Spain

"When I had just walked into the house, I felt my sciatic nerve bothering me, and now I don't feel it!"

—Bessy Cabrera from Maryland

"I've experienced two tuneups and one full session. In all cases I was experiencing pain that I couldn't resolve with my usual methods. After the tuneup I felt lighter and much less pain as if a "cloud" had been lifted. I felt more whole in my body and much lighter."

—Andrea Eagles from California

"Getting energy tuneups for five consecutive days allows for both feedback and continuity. It’s like working out five days in a row as opposed to doing it all on the weekend!"
—Teri Tom from California

"Thank you!! My arm is 95% better since you started tuning me up!!  Yayyyy!!! It’s amazing!! I had been using acupuncture, cupping, Gua Sha, and had been working on it myself, like crazy, for months, and nothing stuck - til you!”
—Lucy Yeh from California

"Hi Ariel! It's so wonderful to virtually meet you! You have done a tuneup on me (and my husband) before, and I immediately saw a noticeable change in him as well as my overall feeling of wellness. You truly have an amazing gift and I am so thankful."
—Ari from Virginia

"We are both hooked! We both feel calmer and that our minds are more quiet. Like a zen feel.”
—Laura from Colorado

"Hi, Ariel! I want to thank you sooo much for the energy clearing you did on me yesterday before my performance. Oh my goodness... I didn’t know what to expect, but it was magical! I felt so LIGHT- like a 50 pound weight had suddenly lifted off of me. And in its place was joy. (An ethereal joy, for lack of better words.) I happened to be walking when I felt it, and I know I must have had the most curious look and reaction on my face. I was on cloud nine for the first half of my aria. I felt a cough wanting to come up during the second half, but even the small glitches didn’t send me into an angsty place, like they have in the past. And I woke up today still feeling that blissful buzz. You are amazing. Thank you!"
— Katy Sisco from Texas 

"I don't have to have surgery!!!! The funky looking cyst went away!!!!! CRAZY!!!! I just got done with an ultrasound. The doctor was so surprised!"
—Katie from Denver, CO 

"Thank you for that clearing. My week and mood turned around pretty dramatically. And I've felt like myself again, my best self. I need to request those more often!"
— M.P.

"I cannot thank you enough Ariel. I just woke up to the biggest wave of peacefulness and feel so very calm. I can feel it!!! I feel like myself again....I'm in tears because I can feel the light flowing through again and the healing. I'm a bit speechless and so impressed."
— Jennifer Gonzales from Burbank, CA

"Its such an amazing sense of calm. I don't want to use the word "numb" but it's like a good numb. It's awesome!"
— Patrick Markert from California

"Thank you Ariel - felt something lifting in my head. Truly feeling better."
— Sally McQuillen from Illinois

"I felt a relief shortly after you did the clearing, but wanted to make sure it wasn't my mind playing tricks on me. It kicked in yesterday and I feel so much better!!  Getting things done because I have energy again. It's amazing what you can do and so happy that I found you. Thank you so much and I won't wait so long next time and suffer. I like being happy and having energy again."
— L. Mattson from Oregon

"Thank you!!! I feel the difference immediately!!"
—Sandra from New York

"Yesssss!! Thank you!! I instantly feel better."
— Angie E. From St. Louis, MO

"I feel sooooo much better.. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!  I thought I was going to have to stay in bed all day...lol."
—Sherry Wynn from California

"Thank you. This time it was different. I feel so calm and peaceful."
— Maria from Highlands Ranch, CO

"I slept all night last night for the first time in 3 weeks. Thanks. I needed that!"
—Laurel Quint from Denver, Colorado

"Smiling again. Thank you."
—Lori Morse from Plymouth, MA

"I currently just have a big wave of emotion and some tears getting out of the way. Stuff is moving. Much better! Thank you!"
—Nick from Indiana

"Awesome. I feel much clearer! Thank you💖🙏!"
—KerryAnne from Weymouth, MA

"Thank you! I felt like I was standing under a waterfall. Gratitude!"
—Lacey Lampe from Seattle, WA

"Thank you! I was in yoga and felt a shift immediately!"

-- Sara Market from San Diego, CA

"I'm a huge believer in Ariel's work and these tune-ups. My energy hasn't felt this good and balanced EVER."
—Angie from San Francisco, CA

"I had a migraine, and it left after you worked on me!!!"

-- Wendy Clark from Whipple, OH

"My ulcer pain went away and I felt slightly euphoric last night. Thank you Ariel!!"
— Betty from Southern FL

"Our dog suffered some trauma due to being attacked by another dog. After the incident she was shaking so bad. Because she wasn’t bleeding or physically injured from what I could tell, all I could think to do was request a tuneup from Ariel for her. After her tune up, she immediately stopped shaking. I’m so grateful to have Ariel and her tuneups in our life!"

-- Angie from St. Louis, MO

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