Many teens and adults think that killing the body will make all of their bad feelings go away. From what I have seen as an energy healer, when the body dies, the spirit leaves the body. The spirit does not always go to a heaven. Although some advanced souls go straight to the highest planes, there are many levels in the universe where many of us have to learn and grow before graduating to higher levels. If we are in pain when we cross over, we still have to heal that pain. We still have to face our problems and work through them to learn the lessons. Killing the body does not make any of the issues go away.

To me, the solution is to spend way more time at home helping our teenagers face their problems and create solutions together. We can pray with our teens to show them how Angels and Spirit Guides hear them and respond to their needs. We can visualize with our teens to show them how to turn bad situations and feelings around. Through visualization, our young people can learn that they are cocreators, not victims. Let us empower these young adults by teaching them the ways of energy.

In my podcast on suicide for teenagers, I clear any dark energy from them through prayer. Teens attract dark energy when they turn on themselves with negative thoughts, like “I’m not good enough.” As adults, I feel that it is up to us to lead them out of the solitary darkness of their rooms and back into their lightness. A teen that is quiet and subdued is a teen in need of spiritual guidance at home.

I ask parents to join me in The Healing Room to learn to pray and visualize so that we can then guide the next generation into happiness.

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