Is your teen stressed out? Is your teenager experiencing anxiety or worry? Do they feel like they are barely able to keep up with all that is expected of them?

Even if they try to sit down to concentrate on getting all of their school assignments completed and ready for the next day, they are constantly being pulled off course by their friends chiming in on social media. If they have any extracurricular activities, like sports, their body is exhausted. The intensity of hormonal changes in their bodies keeps them ungrounded. The rate at which they are physically growing is enough to make them just want to sleep! Of course, they are stressed out and anxious!

Energetically, teenagers need to be cleared, centered, grounded, and filled with Light. It is not popular for a teen to just be or sit in silence to experience their own soul light. But this is all it would take to remove all of the stress and anxiety!

When my oldest daughter was in college, I gave her the number of a healer I helped train, named Carl Edwards. She texted him, asking him for a healing whenever she felt anxious or stressed out. College kids need all of the support they can get. I also made sure she always had a new journal to help her process her thoughts and emotions. She found a tiny one-person study room down the hall that she made a routine of sitting quietly in, when she could.

It is hard for teenagers to go from a busy schedule and tons of friend interactions to stillness. About once a month, I post a podcast specifically for teenagers in The Healing Room. In each audio, I give a quick teaching and then lead them in a prayer and visualization to clear out their stress and bring them back to centeredness. All they have to do is plug in their headsets and listen.

Join The Healing Room to share it with your teenagers. They need it as much or more than we do.

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