April 8, 2015

One morning, on my beach trip, I found part of a sand dollar.  So the next morning, I asked God to send me a whole sand dollar, just for fun!  Then, i forgot about it. My dad and I took another walk later that day.  The winds were so high that we needed a break from being wind-whipped, so we hiked around behind the dunes on a trail through a bird sanctuary area.  There was just a lot of thistles and dead grasses with a sandy trail, but no wind, so we were happy.  Halfway through this, i found a whole sand dollar on the edge of the trail! To me this story explains perfectly what it means to pray and then let go.  If I was determined to find a sand dollar and make that happen, I would’ve stayed on the beach.  Sometimes when we just live in the moment and go off in an unplanned direction that seems so far from where we think we should be, there is where we find what we are looking for!

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