June 23, 2012

Before i begin the healing sessions for the day, i have to raise my vibration as high as i can so that i can give you the best healing. So, i spend about a half hour in the healing room before you guys show up in the morning. When i first get in there, i am thinking about how to garden in a drought and what the crazy neighbors are mad at me for this time, (you know, like parking in their spot). My thoughts show me that i am in too low of a vibration to work with Angels. Here's one of the many visualizations that i do to quickly move my light from dim to high: You know how some volume switches on stereos, slide up and down? Well, i imagine that one of those is set at the bottom. i visualize that i am slowly moving it up. As i move it up, i notice that my thoughts change with it. When my thoughts stay stuck, i notice that i can't move the toggle up. i may stay at one level for a few minutes; i never force anything to change. i just expect that my Angels and Guides are assisting me. Eventually, i either notice that my thoughts have changed or that i can now imagine sliding the switch up a little higher. For example, i may notice that i can think about high vibrational projects like writing my book or my blog. Then, as i visualize raising the switch to the top, i find myself feeling and seeing bright Source Light. That's when i know that i am almost ready to open the healing room door to the first person in the waiting room. i do one more visual, which is that i plunge the volume button back down--not to dim it, but to drop my energy into the ground so that i am not all floaty, but am ready for action.

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