May 17, 2013

Are you feeling filled with bliss right now? If you are, spend a few minutes in the Light, giving thanks and raising your vibration even higher! If you are not feeling bliss, let's not try to figure out what is wrong with us; often analyzing ourselves just makes us feel worse anyway. Let us just pray instead like this:

"I ask my Guides and Angels to energetically remove from me now whatever it is that is blocking me from feeling God's presence in my life. In the name of the Light, i take dominion over any energetic patterns that are trapping me or stopping me from having my life of love and bliss here on Earth. I give these patterns to God. Please take them from me now. Please, my Angels and Guides, clear me, so that i may be your love and your light."

Now, let's sit still for about 3 more minutes listening to music or nature, giving our Guides a chance to remove the stuck energy from our systems. If we think we don't have 3 minutes to let them work on us, don't worry, no one will miss us; they will think we are in the bathroom or something. We are not as important as we think we are; we are not God and the world actually, really doesn't revolve around us serving everyone. Now, let's give thanks, acknowledging the work our Guides are doing for us and trusting that they are on it, and that our prayer has been taken seriously:

"I thank you, all of my Guides and Angels for assisting me and working with me today. Thank you, God. Thank you for your presence when i call on you."

Now, let us let it go and move on with our day. Our problems are now out of our hands and in the hands of our  Guides who love us and are dedicated to taking care of us.

"So be it. Thanks be to the Light."

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