May 29, 2013

Before we pray for anyone or for any situation, there is some energetic prep work to do. If our vibration is low, the light we are sending through prayer will just sort of sputter and fizzle out. Here is an example of how to raise that vibe in preparation for prayer:

I call in my Guides and Angels to help me raise my vibration. i feel so tired. i ask that this low vibration be lifted from me now, so that my prayer can be effective. To ensure that i do not send my grey energy of exhaustion to those i am praying for, i ask that you please lift this lower vibration from me now before i focus my attention on them. Please fill me with the kind of light i see glowing in the new green aspen leaves. Please shift my energy field into a glowing, healthy light. I wait for this to happen now. I breathe in your light. I call on my Angels and Guides to wipe out all of the diluted thoughts pulling me from the highest focus on this prayer. I wait to begin until i am completely one with you, God. Fill my head with your Ocean-like energy. i breathe this in now. Expand my soul to be like the energy of the night sky. i breathe deeply and allow my chest to expand now. Please lift any feelings of burden, tightness or heaviness from my shoulders. I ask my Angels and Guides to please take this from me now. I loosen my neck by breathing and swaying. I am now a flowing stream of golden sunlight ready to serve. Thank you for helping me to get myself out of the way of your light. Please fill me up completely, healing anything in me that needs healed before i send the overflow of your light in prayer to another, so that i am sure to send them your light and not my energy needed to sustain me. I ask that every cell in my body be healed now. My breath circulates your light through my body now. When i am completely filled and my cells have absorbed all the energy they can, i ask that the pools of light in me, the chakras, overflow. I ask that the three rivers of light in me flood with your love. I bask in this light now. Thanks be to God. Thanks be to this miraculous existence on Earth, this dream we are in. All that i am is your light. Now i am ready to pray for another.

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