May 27, 2013

We ask, in the name of the Light, that the children in our lives and the children that we are hearing about on the news, be filled with light in the same way that we are filled. We ask that their worries be removed from their minds. We ask that all traumatic scenes, replaying in their minds are wiped clean now. We ask that their minds be filled with the light of joy. Please bring everyday miracles to our young generation. Please show them how magical nature is, how miraculous. Please show them how vast is the night sky. Please connect them to the trees, grounding them with deep roots of light and teaching them to absorb your light, teaching them to bend and sway resiliently. We send healing light to our children now, cocooning them in the light of the Angels. We visualize our hands on their shoulders, melting away the stress in their lives.

Please forgive us, dear children, for pushing you, shoving you, stressing you to your maximum limits. Please forgive us, our children, for not guiding you enough, through our example, showing you how to connect to the light, or to give your fears away to God and Mother Earth. Please forgive us for handing you this unstable planet, this driven society. We give this situation, this big mess that we have given you, to God. We give this entangled and chaotic energetic pattern that we have created, and expect you to grow peacefully in, to God now. We do not know how to fix your world in time for your childhood. We give this entire situation to God now. We ask the Angels and your Spirit Guides to move around you and clear the way for you now. We ask that your Guides and Angels are with you every second of your day. We ask that the Archangels surround you and clear you in your sleep. We ask that all negative energy is removed from your environments. In the name of the Light, we command that all lower vibrations be moved back away from you now. We, the adults in your lives, take charge of any energy dimming your soul light now. We stand as spiritual warriors in your lives, clearing the energy affecting your peace and your feeling of safety. As pure conduits of light, connected to Source and to the Earth, we send love to your soul center in the upper chest, lighting you up with happiness. May your soul light not only make it through this lifetime, but shine powerfully and brightly now and through eternity. May we be an example of what that looks like for you. We send God's presence to you now. We wrap you in layers of the light of love now, not the controlling, worried kind of love, but the unattached, spacious love from the Angels. May we, the adults, stand as conduits of Spirit and love in your lives.

    We thank the Light for allowing us to be energetic caregivers to this new generation that is obviously extremely advanced, obviously more sensitive, or highly in-tune, obviously here to try to turn things around. We pray, in the name of the Light, we pray that they make it into adulthood, feeling like they really can do what they came here to do. May we be of assistance, not in a pushing-for-success kind of way, but by praying for them everyday without fear, creating space around them, lifting heaviness from them. May we step up as parents and adults and tune into this new generation's spiritual needs. May we be wise Spirit Guides for our children. We give thanks for this brave generation, coming here, wide open, spiritual and energetically advanced. We honor and bless them now at the beginning of their mission. We understand that they do not belong to us. We release them again and again, giving them to you, God, giving them to the Angels and to their Guides. We let go. They are in your hands. Amen. So be it. Thanks be to the Light.

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