Prayer for Prosperity

I went off of Organic Pitted Medjool Dates that come in the yellow package about 10 days ago. This was really hard since I snacked on them throughout the day and they were the last form of sugar left in my diet. I went off of them because they cause me to have sugar crashes right after I eat them. Today, I convinced myself that I need them because they are so high in nutrients. Before lunch, I rushed excitedly to King Soopers just to get those dates, despite massive weekend holiday crowds. Of course, they were out of the kind that I get. I don’t ever remember this store being out of them this entire year that I’ve eaten them. Another woman stood beside me puzzled. I said, “Are you looking for the dates in the yellow box too?” She said, “Yes. There isn’t even a sale on them that would make them sell out.” We both stood staring at the shelf as if we were unsure of our perception of this bizarre reality. As i walked away, I thought, “Yep, I created that.”

Some people think that money is a low vibration, but I see money as a gift from my Guides. They bless me with money so that I can feel safe and free. If I have plenty of money flowing through my life, I can take care of myself and others. The energy of money for me is care, safety and love.

If the flow of money into my life is blocked, the energy in my body will also be blocked. In my life, I have meditated regularly on a gold light of prosperity flowing over me from above. I bask in the blessing from my Angels. As my Guides bring me monetary gifts daily, I thank them for taking care of me. My vibration rises as I experience the Guides’ magical gifts. Any blocked energy in my field begins to flow.  


One of my favorite rituals is when I put my family’s names into a drawing at the end of each month. I close my eyes and connect to the light. Then, in a state of excited anticipation, I draw one of the names from “the hat”. When I open my eyes I laugh in delight as I see who gets the 05% of my monthly profits from one of my projects, like The Healing Room. When I send them a check, I write a note that says, “Congratulations! You are the winner!!”


Money has always been fun for me. I created a prayer about opening ourselves to receive the frequency of money in my podcast, “Prayer for Prosperity”. Here is a short clip of that audio. You can hear the rest of it in my membership website, The Healing Room.

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