May 8, 2013

Let us call in our Angels to heal our broken hearts.

In the name of the Light, we call You in, our Angels, our Guides. Please forgive us for wasting time stuck in the pain of heartbreak when there is so much here to love.  We wish not to waste this lifetime in despair, wallowing in our own grey energy. We ask that you remove this block between You and our receiving. We ask that You get us out of the way.  Let us be the Light.  Let the liquid light of the Universe pour through us now, so that we may hold the frequency of God within us and around us, shifting, like alchemy everything and everyone in our environment in miraculous ways. Let us be more than this human heart. We allow our hearts to become the love of God now. Let us be the goddess and the god walking on Earth. We open our hearts now to the power of God within us. Please flow through us, helping us to be strong through the feelings of sorrow, disappointment, and grief in our hearts. We ask You to help us let go of all of those we have loved and all of those we have wanted to love us forever. We ask that you help us to trust Your light flowing through us, loving each moment, loving each person, and loving our lives. We give thanks for all of those we have been in love with. We give thanks for all of those human beings we have let go of. We give thanks for the privilege to have walked with them for a short time on their passage through our lives. Whether they are still living or have crossed over, we give thanks for all that they have taught us.  We give thanks for the heartbreak, which has made our hearts wiser and more beautiful. Thank You for the pain and the hardship that has kept us all from being spoiled rotten brats. Thank You for the way the heart chakra mends. Thank You for Spirit Guides and Angels who hear our prayers and heal us when we ask. Thank You for the healers who mend our torn heart chakras in service to Love. Thank You for the friends who heal us with their kindess. Thank You for how our hearts have deepened, with a larger capacity to love with each heartbreak. Thank You for opening our hearts to hold so much more of Your light, Your understanding, Your compassion. We give thanks for this lifetime, with all of it's heartbreaks, all of it's sorrows.  Let us be brave.  Let us walk openly, breathing, crying and laughing, keeping our heart chakras energetically and emotionally flushed out, clean and open, through the rest of our journey. We call on our Angels, the Archangels, and our Guides to surround us now.  We ask that You support us, help us to be strong from within.  Light up our souls.  Reopen our hearts.  Let us shine.  Let us be the Light.  Amen.  So be it.  Thanks be to God.  Thanks be to the Universe.

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