March 11, 2013

Let's talk about physical beauty.  Do you feel beautiful?  Just sit a minute and tune in. If you do feel beautiful, it probably means that, at this moment, your soul is lit up and shining love. If you don't feel beautiful, let's not try to convince you that you are, because energetically speaking, i've never seen that work. If you don't believe you're lovely, then you just simply don't believe it. I could tell you that you are beautiful a hundred times, you could tell yourself, and all of your friends could tell you, but really, if deep inside, you don't feel it, you just don't feel it. If this is the case, let's just embrace this ugliness right now. Just say to yourself, "You are ugly and unloveable." Have a good cry about that. It takes a lot of energy to try to fight a deep-seated belief and having a good cry releases the tense energy of that inner battle. Now let's add, "You are ugly and unloveable, and i just think you're so cool."

Let me just give you an energetic perspective on your physical appearance. What exactly is beauty? Is it a plastic face? Is it a buff bod? Is it hair straightened into a mohawk? "You", or your vessel that your spirit is using to move around in, is made of cells and guts, fluid and blood, bones and hairs....a very strange vessel, indeed. So beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

When we cross back over to the other side, we will just resume our form of gorgeous light again, (assuming we are living a soul-filled life, which brightens the energy field.) To live a life here on Earth, we shimmy our spirits down into these oxygen-breathing space suits. Think of your body as just a transportation mechanism that you need to wear to visit planet Earth. These other "people" that we may or may not compare our physical beauty to, are also light beings that are visiting here from other lifetimes and places in the Universe. Whether your vessel is tall and skinny or squatty and short, you are a miracle.  Whether your skin is dark and smooth or dry and scaly, your existence is unfathomable. So, let us all appreciate this amazing organism of the body that we get to temporarily inhabit to have this Earth experience. Beauty or not, enjoy your Earth-suit!

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