March 15, 2015

I understand that some of us have a lot of pain around the word or concept of “God”.  We may not believe in God or don’t know what to think about God.  Maybe we felt like God took our mother or father when we were a child.  Maybe we feel betrayed and abandoned by God as an adult because everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.  Whatever we believe or don’t believe, however, doesn’t change the fact that the energy field is fueled by a massive sea of light that some people call, God.

When the crown chakra is slammed shut so as not to allow God in, the energy field begins to wither or shrink in, depleted of any light—and then we just don’t feel good.  As an energy healer, if I open your crown chakra and move any resistant energy blocks out of the way and pull the light down into this 7th vortex in the top of the head, inviting God’s presence to overtake you and your energy field, you then report to me that you feel like you are floating in pure bliss and love.  It seems to me that the people who are allowing God in and the ones who are shutting out any help from “above”, are living two completely different lives on the same Earth.  

When we try to be independent by living without this conscious connection to the Light, it makes life way harder than it has to be.  From what I’ve seen, the person shutting God out, is having a really hard time making decisions, relating to people, feeling good about themselves, feeling centered, feeling present, and understanding their purpose for the day.  The person surrendering to this energy of the night sky is feeling an expansion. They are having just another normal day full of mystery, miracles, love and mind-blowing experiences.  Both people are having “everything go wrong” because that’s just the challenge of planet Earth, but the person choosing to go it alone is all alone in the struggle, feeling very stuck and like they need to work hard to fix everything.  The person giving the day over to God is also working hard, but moving fluidly through it all, trusting, and tapping into a knowing and wisdom beyond their years.    

Each day, we have a choice.  We can fumble through on our own, operating from our one small brain, or give up some of the control by allowing something greater than us to flood our world and blow our minds as we let the mystery work it’s wonders.

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