All through Thanksgiving week, I had to call the police about 8 times because a strange, slow man was watching my house from the trail. I confronted him a few times, only for him to apologize and return again the next day. My daughter said that he even showed up at my front door on a 70 some degree day asking if we needed any snow shoveling this winter. The last straw was when he followed me all through the park. I felt like he was harmless but it was unsettling for sure. Each day, I called friends and neighbors on the phone to go over the latest unfolding of the story.
The police were finally able to find him and told him to stay away from my home. They told him that if he saw me at the park that he should turn and go the other way. They assured me that he is harmless and has a mental illness and that if it happens again, I can just remind him what the police told him to do. 
This evening, I was practicing making my mind create my reality in Hobby Lobby. At first, I systematically began walking slowly up and down every aisle looking for some kind of tiny container, like little glass jars. After about 3 aisles, I decided to use my radar to find what I needed. I said in my mind, “I will be taken right to what I need. This store will have what I need and I will walk right to the aisle where it is.” I made a diagonal beeline through all of the aisles until I got to the back. I was taken right to aisles that had other Christmas ideas that I had thought about getting. As I threw them in my cart, I thanked my Angels for shopping for me. I rounded a corner and there were packages of tiny glass jars with corks in the top—exactly what I had been picturing in my mind! 
As I excitedly looked at all of the different sizes, I saw out of my peripheral vision the same guy from the park walking past my cart! I pretended not to see him and kept looking at the jars. I got my phone out to take his picture if he didn’t walk away. (I have many photos of him from the last week.) I looked up to see him peeking around the end of the aisle at me as if he was just as shocked as I was that there is that same lady who called the police on him! As of two days ago, he was no longer allowed to stalk me on the trail or in the park, but manifest me he did, in Hobby Lobby! And I’m sure when my adrenaline was rushing through my body as I repeated the story to cops and friends made it easier for this man to make our planets collide. 
I showed a photo of him to the cashier and she told me he hangs out in there every day looking at everything on the shelves for hours. Outside, the Salvation Army guy was more than happy to guard me as he rang his bell and I waited for my ride to pick me up. 
I have to say, at least my life is never boring.

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