I spent 14 months recording 93 podcasts of my teachings, healings, prayers and visualizations to create something called "The Healing Room". After many years of charging for access, I have decided to make these teachings and prayers freely available to everyone. I hope you feel the power of the Light, Angels and Guides as you listen and participate. My goal is that you receive a shift in your energy from the recordings.

Ariel Hardy - Ariel Energy Healer -


healing drawings

Photos, like this one, are the drawings that I do during your long distance energy healings. I let the Guides move my hand and pen, to clear your energy field on paper. I start by sketching a quick stick figure of you and your chakras, or energy vortexes, then, I let the Guides take over. As you can see from the drawings, there are hundreds of lines drawn throughout a session. Every stroke of the pen is either clearing old energy patterns from you or weaving in new healthier threads of light.

The meditations