March 25, 2013

Let's put on our make-up. Let me explain. The soul center sits in the upper chest like a glowing, pulsing light that shines on forever even when our bodies die away. When we get discouraged or stressed out, our soul light dims because it gets buried beneath heavy energy. When you feel like you can't go on, for example, your soul light is dying out. Our faces reflect this soul light and show the world either our dim, stressed, depressed light, or our blissed-out, happy light of love. Often, women, especially, will cover the look of sorrow with make-up. So, let's do what i call, "putting on our make-up", to get ready to go out into the world. It will only take a minute, which you have, because you are on here. Lift your chin a little. Imagine that light from your soul in the upper chest is shining up under your chin. Growing up in WV, the kids there would run up to you and hold a buttercup flower under you chin and if yellow light reflected on your skin, they would shout, "Awe!! You like butter!" ...?! Now, imagine that your mouth is relaxed and that your lips are soft, not tight. Imagine that your jaw is resting easily, not set so tensely. Now, move your attention up to your nose. Relax your sinuses on each side, where your sunglasses would sit. Now think about your cheekbones. Notice how regal they are, you, being a daughter or son of the Light. Let go of any strain in your eyes. I'm not sure how you are going to do this part if you are looking at the computer, but i've seen you guys multi-task in many ways that i cannot, so just draw on those skills now! Imagine your eyes sparkling and laughing, so fulfilled, so wise from all that you have been through. Now, lastly, imagine that you have a spark of light on your forehead, that shines there like a jewel, to represent that you are a goddess, or a god. My definition of "goddess" or "god", is a female or a male that is filled with God's light, whether you are a spirit in human form or a spirit without a material form. Now imagine there is a pastel light swirling around your head, kind of like in a Disney movie, when magic or love is about to happen. Now your face is lit up and ready for your day! Look in the mirror and see how you are shining, Beautiful One.

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