Ariel Hardy - Ariel Energy Healer -

November 28, 2014

I want to have a sincere talk with my generation.  When some of you make your faces too big and round for your body with Botox, stretch the skin back with face lifts, fatten your lips like a duck, and remove half of your eyelids, are you saying that you don't like my wrinkles and my skin? or that you just don't like yours?  Because, i love love love the spirit that i see in my face.  When i look in the mirror, my face says to me, "Ariel, you have lived, you lovely, strange, magical spirit.  You are passing through time.  You are on a miraculous journey."  I am not afraid.

You do realize that as you guys inject your faces, that you are going to make me really stand out, don't you?  In ten years, when i have gorgeous white hair and expressive lines, most of my friends are going to have smooth, puffy faces that feel squishy to the touch.  If we don't love our own faces, who will?

Even with the face work, if you don't love your face, energetically, we can still sense that.  And then we join you in that energy of un-love and criticism because that's how energy works. We are all feeling what each other is feeling because our energy fields overlap when we are together.  All the Botox in the world, won't make us love your face.  I love the look of depth and sorrow in your eyes.  I love the way the lines around your mouth show me your strength and your pain.  If i can't tell how old you are, i don't know whether to respect you or treat you like you don't know anything yet.

I challenge you to show me your inner beauty. I challenge you to be authentically you from within.  Show me your wisdom.  Show me your powerful soul.  But, if you don't want to join me, that's fine too, because then you inadvertently just give me a unique and special look.  Children will stare at me and wonder, why is she wrinkled like a strong tree?  And they will trust me, because they will be able to read my expression.  I will be an example of deep self love.  I will show them how to be unafraid of our destiny.

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