January 28, 2014

Let's talk about sexual affairs...

So often we hear friends, family and neighbors blaming someone who has had an affair as if she or he is evil or bad.  All of the fingers point at that woman or man for the sin.  But, instead of becoming filled with hatred and spewing accusatory venom from our mouths, let's take an energetic look at affairs.

As an energy healer, it looks to me that the most common cause of sexual affairs is that people's soul light, in the upper chest, is dying out.  Without our soul, we are just a body with no life in it.  So people begin to panic and to look for ways to keep that light alive.  If they feel a soul connection to someone outside of their marriage and they feel dead in their marriage, they may break all of the rules they have for themselves and follow this feeling as a way to survive.  In the affair, their soul light flares up and they feel amazing again.

However, having an affair is a pretty torturous way to rekindle the soul light and here's why.  Even though the soul lights up when we are with our new love, hiding and sneaking dims the entire energy bubble.  The reason it dims the bubble is because a grey or black layer forms around the energy field to keep things hidden from others.  This limits our ability to expand our light, so our energy field begins to shrink.  Another reason that affairs are hard on people is because an affair will split the chakras in two, like the heart chakra and the second, sexual chakra.  One half of the chakra has a cord in it to the marital partner and another cord on the other half goes to the affair.

This split divides our energy so that we don't feel centered.  Another common energy pattern of an affair is a secret in the throat chakra.  I will sometimes see this as a black little hook-like, or paisley shaped-piece of energy that's constantly bothering the person.  It can't be flushed out through meditation, because it's not fluid light.   

When the big secret is discovered however, the partner left behind is usually pretty devastated and often suicidal.  This is because the shock rips out the protective mesh over several chakras all at once, leaving big tears down the front of our energy body.  This is from our perception of our reality being blown out and the cords to our mate being ripped out.  The shocked person often fights for their sanity, by making things pretty black and white with anger and blame to make sense of it all.

There is a cleaner, healthier way to handle a dimming soul light than having an affair.  In a perfect world, when a human feels their soul light burning out, we would first go straight to God to get it rekindled.  God is where the light comes from, so going straight to the Source of our light is the obvious answer.  Then, i would say that we need to ask God to help us to be clear in our actions and words and to be one with God's light at all times.  What this does, is makes us really face our problems instead of escaping from them.  Because God's light is so pure, we can't continue living in an off-balance way if we are truly filled with the presence of such peace.  Affairs are like alcohol, medications, and drugs when they are used as a way to avoid standing in our power and speaking up.  Let us all be brave enough to say when we are unhappy and to openly solve that for ourselves without fear.

If you are the person on the victim end of the affair, here's a way to make sure you don't take the self-righteous path of blaming someone else for all of your problems.  I like to see it as if they did not do this to you.  They were just used to move you to a new level in your life.

Maybe you were kind of stuck before.  Maybe you weren't really living at your highest potential.  Because the purpose of this Earth is to advance and brighten, a mediocre life is not enough.  Instead of thinking of your partner as wounding you so badly, see it as your partner was used to create an event in your life that is just the drastic turn you needed to make a complete change to become a better person.  Our Spirit Guides get pretty excited about an opportunity for us to grow.  But if we are busy focusing on the person who was used to "hurt us," we are missing the moment the Guides have been waiting for.

If you find yourself in this situation, crawl to your energy healer, get those grids sewn back up, get your crown connected to Source, and the chakras filled with God's light.  Let your energy healer wake up the soul light, stand you back on your feet again and join your Guides for the next chapter of your life.

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