November 28, 2014

In the dating scene, we can physically plug into each other early on, but intercourse is just a minor detail of the act compared to all of the energetic plug-ins that are happening during sex. Most people would run from their date if they could see what is happening energetically. The energy cords wrapping around you from your date look like an octopus' tentacles. Patterns are weaving themselves into your grids so fast that you look like a fish caught in a net. If your sexual partner has any energy of shame or guilt in them, that's spreading like black ink into your body at rapid speed. All of your defenses are down and all of your chakras are wide open to theirs, allowing all of their energy into your body. If they have the energy of past sexual encounters in their second chakra, the energy from that partner also moves into you. And God forbid if they have a demonic presence of addiction or a ghost attached to them because, yep, you guessed it, you'll be taking that home with you too. As you can see, sex has very little to do with our bodies, so take your time deciding whether you want to let someone plug into you.

For those of you who have never experienced good sex, here's what to look for: A good lover moves from their soul. It should feel like you are melting into each other. It should feel like you are both made of liquid light moving in waves like water. If sex feels choppy, or you find yourself drifting out of your body to exit the scene until it's over, stop and teach. Your partner obviously needs a lesson on sex - be patient, this isn't taught in school. This is not a moment to check out, but a moment to become powerful and to have your date slow down, look you in the eyes, treat you like the god or goddess that you are. We are spirits walking on earth and sex is the act of two souls merging, so stop your partner if they are f****ing your body and make him/her treat you with respect and honor. During the sacred act of sex, you should also not feel self-conscious, but lost in the expansive energy that has overtaken both of you. Sex should feel like you are reuniting with someone you remember and have loved for many lifetimes.

Let's talk about sex in Marriage. As we get older, our bodies, of course, are aging. If your marital sex life is waning, it is not because your body is no longer attractive. You don't need to do all kinds of artificial things to your body to get the attention of your partner. A dwindling marital sex life usually means that you need to strengthen the soul connection between you.

Here's one way to do this: Say, that after a long day of work and an evening with the kids, you have a lot on your mind and feel distant from each other. How, then, are you supposed to be this hot lover? One way, is to sit facing each other with your eyes closed, holding hands and imagine the magic of your wedding and the love you felt for each other. When you open your eyes, let that feeling shine through to each other. If this feels uncomfortable to you, then you gotta long way to go, so practice if you don't want your partner seeking a connection elsewhere.

Let's talk about God and sex. A lot of people think that there is God and then there is sex, separate from God. Actually when you have sex, you pull the energy of God into your bodies. When you climax, there is no you, there is only God. All of your chakras expand and open to let the love of the Universe pour into you. A lover who understands this about sex, is unforgettable. If you are not feeling this in your sex life, it's time to step up your game.

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