December 24, 2012

Let's talk about Jesus Christ. What does he look like? And if he is part of your religion, is he just a belief? Or do you really feel his energy beside you? Do you know how to call him in? If you do, does he show up? If you've felt him before, can you easily repeat the experience?

For those of you in my practice who are Jewish, Buddhist, or Agnostic, you rock. I have never felt judgement coming from any of you. If many of the Christians could be as open-minded and as void of judgement of another's path as you guys, i would be able to call myself a Christian. Even Jesus shakes his head at how many people have claimed that he is The way, The truth and The Light.  He is A way, A truth and A light. I love him dearly. He works with me often in the healing room to bring you light when you are on the table. Jesus has walked by my side since i was four years old.

When I was four, my parents invited a priest to our old farmhouse in WV to ask my 7 y.o. brother and I if we would like to invite Jesus into our lives and become filled with the Holy Spirit. We said yes, (my brother was faking this whole process...well! most people do!  He thought my parents were a little out there. Don't worry about his soul, either--God is available to us in many forms, like Nature.) I, however, made friends with Jesus immediately, and began speaking in tongues. The priest had to explain to my parents what i was doing. When the Holy Spirit takes over your spirit, often people will speak in tongues. It's like the soul is speaking instead of the brain. Many of you have heard me do it in the healing room, or heard me chant in an unknown language. This is the soul's song.

Sometimes, I will have someone come into the healing room who is working hard not to judge me for my spiritual language, (versus a Catholic choice of words, for example).  So, I ask these people, right there on the healing table to "Show me your Jesus. Call him in." They say their prayers. I wait. Eventually, Jesus appears way out in the distance at the end of a long grey tunnel coming out from their body. This shows me that Jesus is a concept for them and that there has been no time put into the actual real relationship. If there were a true bond with Jesus, they would never judge me, as he would not allow it. That long tunnel, is supposed to be the energy chord connecting them to Jesus. The reason it can be grey is that it is unused, sort of a dormant chord.

Whatever the religious group or club you belong to or even if you are a lone ranger like myself, if you want to experience Jesus, come on down the aisle today. Just kidding! I would like to apologize today to Jesus for how tacky many churches have made a relationship with him sound. Jesus, I hope that You are not too embarrassed and that the other Masters and Goddesses don't tease you relentlessly for your Rock-Stardom here on Earth.

I remember when i was little, my Dad could never get through reading us the Christmas story. His mouth would begin to quiver and his eyes would fill with tears. He was feeling the presence of Jesus Christ.

When someone on my healing table has an active relationship with Jesus, here's what it looks like. I ask them to pray, to bring Jesus in. A male presence shows up beside them.  What sets him apart from the Guides, is that he is so sparkling. His light is like a million flecks of white and yellow. His light flashes and flickers. The room he enters is filled with a feeling of compassion. The person on the table is overtaken by this light and feels so loved. Jesus will often lay his hand on the person's body, their shoulder, hand or arm usually. Sometimes he just stands near one of the chakras, like the left, receiving, shoulder chakra.  A current of his yellow and white light floods through the chakra and through the rivers of light in the body of the person Jesus is near or touching. Now that is a relationship with Jesus.

If you have that relationship, then as you know, a relationship takes cultivating. Let's take it higher. Let's become more like Christ by embodying his frequency more frequently.

Let us pray. This prayer is not to save you or to convert you to A Way. This prayer is the same as if i were to ask the Buddha to come to me so that i may feel his presence. I will delete any comments on this post that hint of any manipulative wish for all who read to "Come to Jesus". That is not what this prayer is about; it is about experiencing his light to feel what it is like. If his light resonates with yours, call him in more often; if it does not, by all means, try out a different Guide or a different path.  There are many many Angelic beings and they all carry a different quality.  Tune into your favorites. Explore. God is everywhere. There are millions of ways to feel this Energy. Here is A Prayer about Jesus:

We ask that we let go of everything we've ever been taught in our Sunday schools.  We ask that we are able to leave behind us any offending teachings around Christ that we've ever heard. I call on Jesus Christ, to please come to me now, to let me feel what You are like. Help me to experience the light that you embody. Help me to feel your presence. I ask that you fill me with your Light so that i too, may walk the Earth as a messenger of Love. 

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