About the Infrared Light Pads:
I have sold so many of these on the side whenever I see a physical symptom in people that could easily be helped by the infrared light pads, that the rep I sent everyone to made me get my own damn site.
These infrared light pads are different than infrared saunas. When I get into an infrared sauna, I feel an overall detox. The light pads go directly on your skin and target any area of the body that needs repair. For example, I keep mine in an under-the-bed box under my bed and plugged in at all times. I use it for the oddest things, like when I stubbed my toe really badly or broke my rib or had low back pain or swelling in my bladder or jaw swelling after a jaw injection or for my sore ankle when I twisted it from wearing my clogs. So basically, the lights reduce my swelling and quickly repairs all kinds of things on a physical level. I cannot say what it will do for you, but it works for me! Send me a message if you have any questions about a condition it might help you with, which sized light would work best for your condition, or what setting to use for different physical issues.
Love my Lights!