February 7, 2017

A lot of times we try to control our lives. We visualize what we want to happen or we push our way through our day, stressfully trying to make things go right! But, I say, let’s allow adventures and the unexpected to happen and just focus on what we want to feel no matter what happens.

At the end of this lifetime, all we have left is who we are. As an energy healer, I see the purpose of this life to be about forming and shaping our light patterns and the brightness of our soul.

So many people want me to tell them what to do or what will happen in a situation. First, I tell them I am not psychic. And secondly, I ask them why they would even want to know what will happen? This knowledge takes away the process of learning and developing. Then, we are so often disappointed anyway, when someone uses their free will and ruins the prediction!

If we want to become wiser and more advanced energetically, we don’t want to control events to go our way. We want to allow life to happen to us so that we learn to let go. Letting go is not only great practice for the final hour when we die, but also gets the energy flow moving through our bodies. Tension blocks the rivers of energy in the body. “Going with the flow” of life, creates a powerful flow of light that moves us forward in life.

I believe that hardship is good for us. Trying so hard to keep life perfect reminds me of how some parents stay married to shelter their children, only to have their kids grow up and have no idea how to handle life’s blows or any kind of heartbreak. When life gets tough, we learn to get creative! We learn to reach out to God and to our Angels and Guides. We learn to call in the forces to help us. This, in turn creates the ultimate goal of the energy field, which is to channel the light from above through us to Earth.

In my life, the times that I have felt the most powerful and happy, are the times where I got out of the way and asked God’s presence to take over. I consciously became one with God every day and relaxed into the flow of life. This helped me to let go of relationships and to be brave enough to make big career moves. So, when I visualize, I like to just visualize how I want to feel: like I am dancing, and flowing and soft and kind, and full of joy.

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