Sometimes it is hard to get away from an ex energetically, because they keep thinking of you and missing you. The tie is even stronger if you, too, are unclear and still wondering if you did the right thing.

Here, I have written a prayer you can say to help release you:


I allow my Spirit Guides and Angels to remove from me the ties and the threads that are trying to pull me back into what I have left behind.

I allow my Angels to release the energetic tentacles that are reaching for me from my ex.

I allow my Guides to love me and to care for me so that I no longer need anything from my ex.

I bask in the liquid light that my Guides are pouring over my emotional wounds.

I thank them for their care as they cradle me in softness, protecting me from the destructive feelings of anger.

And when I am ready to move on, into new adventures, I ask my Angels to bless the past.

I give thanks for what I have learned.

I ask that I am released from the attention of my ex so that I am free to spread my wings and laugh freely and openly in a new world all my own.

Thanks be to God.

Thanks be to the Light.


If you want more than this prayer to clear you from a past lover, listen to the preview in the video above. To bask in the full 12 minute audio healing, join me, in The Healing Room, my membership website full of podcasts of my prayers and energy healing work.

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