Grounding in an Ungrounded World

By Ariel Hardy

What did you do today to make sure that you are grounded?

Kids in my practice look at their parents with worry when I say, “Ok, so now I am grounding you.” I have to explain to them that it doesn’t mean that they are in trouble!

Here are some of the ways you know if you are ungrounded: You don’t remember half of your commute home or to work. You feel stressed out. You feel worried.

Here are some of the ways you know if you are grounded: You’re enjoying the moment, by noticing smells, colors, sounds, and temperatures. You feel like life is a game and you are totally engaged in playing it well. You aren’t really worried about anything, because you know it doesn’t help you to worry.

As an energy healer, I ground people by pulling their light, or their energy, down through their body into their pelvis, legs, and feet. I even pull their light several yards past their feet into the bottom of their energy field, which is an oval shape. When I do this, people feel calm and powerful.

One way to get grounded is to ask your Angels and Guides to do it for you! They are the greatest energy healers! In my podcast, Grounding in An Ungrounded World, I call in the Spirit Guides and Angels and ask them to help us to ground our energy at a time in our world when we need to re-ground ourselves several times a day! The full audio is about 13 minutes long and can be found in The Healing Room. By joining The Healing Room, you can use my prayers and visualizations to get grounded whenever you need them!

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