A day can be quite magical if we tune into the Light and ask our team of Guides and Angels to be with us.

This Saturday, I decided to turn my phone off for the weekend. Although I am usually very disciplined about decisions like that, I suddenly felt this excitement and urge to take my cell phone to the waterfall by the creek and call my mom. I took my journal and a pencil with me, just in case she was busy and could not talk. When I called and got her voicemail, she texted back that she was busy. As I was reading her text, another text came in from a couple asking for energetic help in an emergency situation.

At first I just thought that my phone was downloading all of the texts I missed through the day and that the emergency request for help must have been from earlier. When I texted back to ask them, they said, “No. We just texted you. Sorry to bother you, but it is urgent.” I realized that this was a miraculous moment and that my Guides had directed me through feeling to go against my no technology rule, to be available to help. I used my pencil to draw the energy in the journal, the way I do when I am doing long distance clearings on people. (You can see some of these drawings in The Healing Room.) Within minutes, they texted, “Thank you”, and that the healing had worked and everything was ok now. I took a deep breath and smiled as I felt huge fulfillment and gave thanks for that crazy timing.

When we make our connection to the Light, a necessary part of our daily routine, little miracles happen everyday. I post 6 to 8 podcasts a month in The Healing Room so that we have a way to easily call in our Angels and Guides to help us through our day. In each podcast, I am leading us in prayer and visualization to help us fill with Light so that we are living in the flow. Here is a sample of one of my podcasts in The Healing Room, called, “Good Morning”. Subscribe to The Healing Room to hear the rest of “Good Morning”, and to join me in many other short prayers and teachings that you can use every day.

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