Does your kid feel worried or depressed when they get sick?
When I was a kid, I was sometimes in bed for many days at a time. But, I was never upset about it. I remember instead being consumed with my imagination, pretending that there were little men inside of my body, like little gnomes, working away to make me better. They had wheelbarrows and pick axes and ran along the bones in my body. I did not know that I was healing myself through visualization or that I would become an energy healer someday.

When we use our minds like I was doing as a child, to heal ourselves, there is no time for the mind to worry and fret about what if we never get well or what if we die. If the mind is filled with the assignment to heal the body through it’s imagination, there is no room left for dark thoughts or self-pity. “Feel Better! for Kids”, in the March Content of The Healing Room is a podcast I created for children so that they learn the invaluable skill of visualizing wellness. I feel that if we teach them while they are still young, they will be able to turn within to heal their bodies for the rest of their lives. Don’t you wish you had learned this when you were a child? Let’s lead our children into a higher level of existence. Almost every month’s content in The Healing Room, has a teaching and prayer for kids. Most children are so open that they can feel the energy as they visualize with me. They will remember this feeling for the rest of their lives. Join The Healing Room for them.

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