February's Song

February 21, 2017

It’s pretty cool how we pass unspoken messages energetically down through the generations. My 18 y.o. daughter wrote and sang these lyrics for my February podcasts in the The Healing Room:

“Light runs over my eyes
My eyes
My eyes

I have come to realize
Something new
I feel self-aware now
Before nothing felt right

Light runs over my eyes”


You can listen to the soundtrack here:


When I heard her lyrics, I dug through my college papers to show her a drawing I did of the very same thing that she is singing about. When I was 19 y.o., I drew this cover for a paper I wrote about the blind poet, John Milton, who was yearning to see the light of God in “Paradise Lost”. In my drawing, the eye is witnessing the light rays coming through the clouds and the tears are healing the eyes of the blind.

Thirty years later, and with a daughter singing the same message, this is what The Healing Room is all about. In each ten minute podcast, I share my perspective on life as an energy healer. Each teaching sheds a little more light on the energetic level of our existence. Join me, daily, as we call in the Angels and Guides to bring us more and more light.

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