February 9, 2017

When the girls were little, I would rush out of work, pick them up from school, and go straight to my bed for a “nap”. I would lie down and picture that I was speed skating. I would pass out into a healing state, or “sleep”. Within 20 minutes, my legs would fly up into the air and slam back down onto the bed as a jolt of physical strength moved through me. I would open my eyes, laugh, thank my Guides for the energy and jump up, totally refreshed, to take care of my children.

Physical energy does not necessarily need to always come from physical things like caffeine or foods. We can also use light to rejuvenate us. There are many ways to attract light frequencies into you. For example, I like to pray and visualize.

A simple prayer, in the midst of our exhaustion, can go something like this: “Angels, I can’t keep going! Help me!” When we are falling apart, that’s about all we can think of to say, and that’s all our Guides need to hear to give them permission to work on us energetically.

One of my favorite visualizations for reversing physical depletion is to picture that I am skipping. Let me rephrase: skipping easily! I’ve tried this in reality and skipping at age 48 does not feel the same as the way I remember it! In my imagination, I feel amazing and free as I skip effortlessly along. Sometimes, I imagine that I am skipping in slow motion or I visualize that energy, like clear water, is spraying up as my feet touch the ground. One of my favorites, that really energizes me, is when I imagine that as I skip along, swirls of light like ribbons circle around me.

So, let’s ask our Angels and our Guides, to fill us now, with constant, steady strength to move through our day and evening as if we have not spent any of our energy, but have an endless amount to draw from. We ask that we are tapped into this kind of light, to support us through our lives. In the name of God, in the name of the Light.

Join me in The Healing Room to hear the full 7 minutes of the audio above, called, “Exhaustion—A Bedtime Healing for Adults”. I hope you listen to it often to fall into a deep healing sleep with Angels watching over you.

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