Ariel Hardy - Ariel Energy Healer -

November 28, 2014

What if, our job was to set the vibration of the energy in our home today?  What if, whatever we were feeling inside, is what everyone in our presence is feeling inside? The emotions that we are internalizing, are not just contained inside of our bodies.  We are actually, spreading that vibration throughout our home. Everyone in our home gets to live in our mood.

It's like we are in charge of the music in our home, but the selection switch is inside of us.  Or like we are in charge of the temperature of the air in the house, except that the control switch is not on the wall, but within us.

The body is not a container for our emotions; it is the center for these feelings, but just like music or heat or cold, the energy of our emotions spreads outside of the stereo equipment and beyond the furnace and the air conditioning unit.  Whether we mean to or not, we are affecting the quality of the lives of those we live with. What if, we took this job seriously?  But not like the old fashioned people-pleasing way.  What if there is a new way, where we are only in charge of our own energy because our energy is their energy?

I am writing this to you on a Sunday morning in October.  My teenager is still sleeping.  Because she trusts me, her chakras are wide open.  If i become a bright, high vibration, if i consciously fill this space with God, she will live in that all day. This morning it's easy to be one with God because i am doing something i love: i have the house to myself, i'm playing my favorite music through my headsets, and i'm drinking my favorite tea.  I notice that my shoulders are relaxed and that i am naturally taking deep breaths.

However, as the day goes on and becomes busier, how will i maintain this peace?  Let's say the grocery store is packed or i get hypoglycemic from raking leaves without lunch, and then my teen asks me to sign a form and pay a school fee.  This is going to be challenging to keep my God-like presence.  If i become irritable, my energy field will throw a choppy, grey vibration all over the place.  My teen will walk through this energy and will suddenly be in a bad mood.  Then, i could get mad at her for her mood, and then she could feel like nobody understands her and so forth and so on.  We often blame others for the mood that we set and caused.

If we could see what is happening energetically, it would look something like this.  I walked through the chaotic energy of lots of people at the store; i brought all kinds of sticky black energy patterns home with me.  So, i cleared this out, by raking leaves in Nature.  Then, my energy bubble deflated due to a drop in my physical strength.  Then my energy field became heavy from the feeling of too much responsibility.  Then my teen who is young and therefore, has chakras wide open to the world, walked through the house and became flooded with the dull frequencies i created.


Many of us fake that we are chipper.  We make our voices sing songy as we stand there blasting our loved ones with what is really going on inside, like worry, loneliness, or depression.  The energy doesn't lie.  We can all feel through our chakra systems the truth of the energy.  It would be nice if we could all take responsibility for the unspoken vibration that we are giving off.  Whether it was us or someone else in the house who caused a contamination of the energy, the name of the game is to see if we can bring it back to the peaceful vibration of God's presence.

Here are ways that we can do this. When i realized that i had lost the blissful state that i had in the morning, i could bring myself back, by first, strengthening my physical vibration by eating something.  Then, i could Ask my Guides to remove the dull frequency of my mood.  I could sit right there where i ate my food and wait for them to do this.  When i found that my mind had lost interest in what i was upset about and was wandering off to other things, that could be my signal that the Guides had removed the energy of irritability.  So, that's when i could bring in something new.  I could now use my brain to visualize light pouring down on me.  I could imagine an Angel comforting me or imagine myself smiling.  i could visualize that my body is strong with endless energy.  And i could simply Ask:

I call on my Angels and Guides to come to me.  Please refill me with light.  Help me to feel deeply content and happy so that i may fill my home with this vibration.  Please help me today, to be God's presence so that i may flood my home with peace. By being energetically responsible, we set the tone for a happy home.

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