June 14, 2012

Basically, there are three rivers of energy that flow through your body and about seven swirling pools of light that energy healers often call "chakras". You are, also, surrounded by layers of light, like protective cocoons or nets. The frequency of your energy is supposed to be a high vibration, but the Earth plain is a challenging place to be, and, as you know from experience, life can beat you up. Every time we are hit with something that we perceive as painful or difficult, the energy field, or the bubble of light that you live in, can be damaged. My job, as an energy healer, is to repair you, to bring you back to your light by removing the trauma and leaving you only with the wisdom that you gained from the experience. People come to me for energy healing for physical conditions, but the most common reasons i hear are these: "I feel off." "I feel blocked". "I just don't feel like myself." "I have everything, but i don't feel that happy." When i look into your energy system, what you are trying to explain, makes perfect sense to me. The protective screen across your heart chakra may have a big tear in it, which we call a broken heart. Your rivers may be blocked, causing you to feel stuck in the relationship realm or in your career. Your energy vortexes may be filled with black, abusive energy from another human on the planet, causing you to feel unhappy. A terrible loss may have ripped out your cocoons, taking away your sense of well-being and safety. The reason most people love energy healing work, is because, when a good healer repairs the energy system, a high-frequency light, that some call Source, or God, begins to pour through the rivers and fill up the pools, or chakras. This bright light, then, fountains around and around the layers. When this circulation of energy happens, people describe it as a feeling of floating, tingling or expansion. They feel held in the frequency of Love and Bliss. This state of wholeness is what we are all trying to remember. As an energy healer, i lift life's burdens from you and bring you back to who you were meant to be, a magnificent being of light.

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