Have you ever tried to cut a flashlight beam in half with your hand? As soon as you move your hand, the light rejoins, correct?

This same rule applies to energy healing work. It is impossible to cut a cord between you and someone else. Because it will just rejoin.

As an energy healer, I believe that the quickest way to disconnect your energy from someone else’s is to focus on your own life goals.

If you are busy from morning until night, co-creating your next chapter in life, you don’t have time to focus on your ex or the person who has left your life. Also, if you are focused on building a new life, the excitement will build an energy within and around you. This creative energy naturally forms layers of light around you. No matter how hard the ex-boyfriend or ex-wife tries to connect to you energetically, they can’t find you behind all of the new rings around you. Their energy will not recognize yours, because you have changed so much.

So the next time you have a relationship end, let’s see what you can create! It’s the fastest way to disconnect.

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