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by Ariel Hardy

Welcome to The Healing Room!

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Photos, like this one, are the drawings that I do during your long distance energy healings. I let the Guides move my hand and pen, to clear your energy field on paper. I start by sketching a quick stick figure of you and your chakras, or energy vortexes, then, I let the Guides take over. As you can see from the drawings, there are hundreds of lines drawn throughout a session. Every stroke of the pen is either clearing old energy patterns from you or weaving in new healthier threads of light.

By Ariel Hardy

  1. Kids’ Bedtime Prayer
  2. Post-U.S. Election Prayer
  3. Post U.S. Election—Tension between Friends
  4. Raise Your Vibration after the U.S. Election
  5. Releasing Pain
  6. Attracting Love

By Ariel Hardy

  1. A Teaching For Healer-Types
  2. Enlightenment - A Teaching And Healing
  3. A Healing For The Body
  4. Healing For Haiti
  5. Side By Side But Separately
  6. Clearing Our Home

By Ariel Hardy

  1. Cicada
  2. Afraid At Night
  3. Fearless and Brave
  4. Alone / Afraid
  5. Anger Frustration
  6. Injustice / Election
  7. A Teaching On Chakras
  8. A Teaching On Guidance

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By Ariel Hardy

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  1. Asher's Healing - Full Video (0:40:49)
  2. Carrie's Healing - Full Video (0:53:05)
  3. Chelli's Healing - Full Video (0:34:54)
  4. Elizabeth's Healing - Full Video (0:42:31)
  5. Gabriel’s Healing - Full Video (0:50:22)
  6. Healer's Class - Full Video (0:59:57)
  7. Kyla's Healing - Full Video (0:35:23)
  8. Laurel's Healing - Full Video (0:45:24)
  9. Mary's Healing - Full Video (0:44:15)
  10. Michael's Healing - Full Video (0:49:29)
  11. Nick's Healing - Full Video (0:43:00)
  12. Reg's Healing - Full Video (1:03:43)

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