April 1, 2012

Today, complain! Tell the Universe what it is in your life that you are upset about. Act like you are a little kid. Say what you feel without analyzing it or trying to solve it. With emotion, cry to the Universe about what is making you feel stuck in your life. This will give you a release of the emotion blocked up in your rivers of action in your body. So, within the body, are three rivers of energy that run vertically. When these are flowing, unobstructed, so is your life. You can say positive affirmations all you want all day long and, at the end of the day, still not have made any progress, if you have a major block in that river. The block is a stagnant mass of energy in the flow of energy. This block is usually made of an emotion, like frustration, or sorrow, or fear, or hopelessness. So get it out! Spew it out! Have a serious talk today with your Guides, today. I don't want you to sound like this, "I trust that you are bringing me abundance," for example. I want you to blabber and wail and cry out to the Universe, "Help me! I need money for this and this. I need health! I need love!" I guarantee the emotion behind your conversation today, will move that block and the river will flow in your body and several things in your life will change in the next few days. Your stuck energy will dislodge itself. Your Guides will jump to your rescue, as if to say, "Well, why didn't you say so? It's about time you got clear!"

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