May 20, 2013

Let us call in our Guides and Angels to help us to call in love: In this often harsh and brutal world, we call on our Guides and Angels to surround us.  Please move in around us now. We wait as you enter this room, this space. We wait as you come toward us.....

Thank you for coming, all of you, our Guides, the Angels who hear our cries. Thank you for surrounding us. We feel your love for us. We feel your light. Let us become part of that light. We allow your light to saturate our energy fields, overtaking us and filling us with the ease of being that you feel. We allow ourselves to float in lightness the way that you do. We ask that you please remove anything between ourselves and your light. May all stuck energy be cleared now so that we may better feel your high vibrations.  Thank you. We bask in these pastel layers of light that you weave around us. We ask, in the name of the Light, for our hearts to be softened. We ask that our hearts become more trusting. We ask that our hearts are unafraid of love.  We ask our Guides and Angels to please circulate your healing light through our heart chakras, cleansing us of old grey feelings. Flush these out for us now to make room for the new colors of light. We release the old stale energy in the name of love. We ask that the only vibrations left in our heart chakras are those of self love and love for humankind, Mother Earth, the Universe, and the Light. Please fill our hearts with the crystal clear vibration of love. May we be that love. As our love radiates out into our environment from our heart chakras, we ask that this energy is welcomed and received. We ask that those around us know what to do with the love coming through us, that they absorb it and heal from this light coming through us to them. We call in all Earth Angels, people who are filled with this same light. We send out a message now to the Universe to please bring toward us the people who also hold this high vibration. We receive. We open to allowing those people into our lives. We open to calling in men and women who are loving, kind, open, giving and receiving light. Please bring toward us people of like vibration. Please gather around us people of similar energetic flow. We call these people in now. Please bring us the ones who heals us. Please bring us that dear friend or lover who knows how to cherish, knows how to hold, knows how to speak with loving kindness. Please bring such brave and heroic souls into our lives now. Please rescue us from isolation and abandonment. Please bring us your powerful love in human form. Please send us the people who have come this far, who have embodied your light, have opened their hearts and are free to love and be loved. Amen. So be it. Thanks be to the Light.

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