April 19, 2015

Often when we are first learning to have healthy  boundaries around ourselves, we use force and harshness with our words like we are telling the other person that we've had enough and that they aren't going to run over us ever ever again!  But, really, drawing the line isn't about fighting somebody off, it's about self-love and self-care.  If we take the focus off of the person that we allowed to affect us negatively, creating a boundary is really as easy as asking ourselves if this moment makes us happy or not and then honoring that feeling by taking action.  If we feel guilty about making decisions based on what we need, great!  That means we are probably thinking of our own needs for once!  If our priority is to make ourselves happy each moment, even if our job is to serve others, then we are being energetically responsible for our own bubble--filling it daily with light by giving to ourselves.  An energy field that is full of light is a strong and resilient one with natural boundaries.

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