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Many people ask me how to pray or what to say in a prayer.  They ask me what things they can visualize to connect to God, or the Light, better.  I write prayers and  visualizations to share how i connect to the Guides, Angels and the Light.  

I also write to explain life through the eyes of an energy healer.  I write about topics that are common themes for most of us and explain how the energy looks in different situations so that we can gain a clearer understanding of what is happening energetically.

Feel Better—for Kids

By Ariel Hardy | March 9, 2017

Does your kid feel worried or depressed when they get sick? When I was a kid, I was sometimes in bed for many days at a time. But, I was never upset about it. I remember instead being consumed with my imagination, pretending that there were little men inside of my body, like little gnomes,…


Am I Worthy?

By Ariel Hardy | March 7, 2017

Have you ever had trouble asking God and the Angels to surround you and shower you with love and blessings? Sometimes we don’t feel comfortable asking for all of that attention! We might think that the Angels have better things to do and that we are doing ok and someone else needs them more. We…


February’s Song

By Ariel Hardy | February 21, 2017

February 21, 2017 It’s pretty cool how we pass unspoken messages energetically down through the generations. My 18 y.o. daughter wrote and sang these lyrics for my February podcasts in the The Healing Room: “Light runs over my eyes My eyes My eyes I have come to realize Something new I feel self-aware now Before…


Be the Light—for Kids

By Ariel Hardy | February 16, 2017

The kids’ podcasts are some of my favorite creations in The Healing Room, (my membership website), because I think it’s hard to be a kid! We tend to think that kids are so joyful and light, but they are going through so much! They have all kinds of negative energy coming at them that they…



By Ariel Hardy | February 9, 2017

February 9, 2017 When the girls were little, I would rush out of work, pick them up from school, and go straight to my bed for a “nap”. I would lie down and picture that I was speed skating. I would pass out into a healing state, or “sleep”. Within 20 minutes, my legs would…


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