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Many people ask me how to pray or what to say in a prayer.  They ask me what things they can visualize to connect to God, or the Light, better.  I write prayers and  visualizations to share how i connect to the Guides, Angels and the Light.  

I also write to explain life through the eyes of an energy healer.  I write about topics that are common themes for most of us and explain how the energy looks in different situations so that we can gain a clearer understanding of what is happening energetically.

My Holiday Stalker

By Ariel Hardy | December 10, 2017

All through Thanksgiving week, I had to call the police about 8 times because a strange, slow man was watching my house from the trail. I confronted him a few times, only for him to apologize and return again the next day. My daughter said that he even showed up at my front door on…


The Sale of My MIDI Keyboard Controller

By Ariel Hardy | December 10, 2017

This evening, I decided to walk a few blocks from Best Buy to Guitar Center instead of drive in the holiday and rush hour traffic. As I was crossing Colorado Blvd in the cold, carrying a big old MIDI keyboard controller to resell, I caught myself expecting to be turned away, dreading the discouraged trudge back to the…


A Magical Existence

By Ariel Hardy | December 10, 2017

Yesterday afternoon, i opened the door to head to the chiropractor, thinking, “Bummer, I wish I had ordered that Pure Wave massager earlier in the month so that I had it to take with me to show my chiropractor.” Of course, sitting outside my door was the box from Pure Wave. Delighted, I took it…


Expecting Magic

By Ariel Hardy | August 26, 2017

On Sunday, I walked the length of my boyfriend’s backyard to cut some green onions for a sauce we were making. As I walked along the path to his garden, I thought “Something magical is about to happen to me.” When I got back to the house, I was curious because nothing had happened. Then,…


Prayer for Prosperity

By Ariel Hardy | July 19, 2017

Some people think that money is a low vibration, but I see money as a gift from my Guides. They bless me with money so that I can feel safe and free. If I have plenty of money flowing through my life, I can take care of myself and others. The energy of money for…


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