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Many people ask me how to pray or what to say in a prayer.  They ask me what things they can visualize to connect to God, or the Light, better.  I write prayers and  visualizations to share how i connect to the Guides, Angels and the Light.  

I also write to explain life through the eyes of an energy healer.  I write about topics that are common themes for most of us and explain how the energy looks in different situations so that we can gain a clearer understanding of what is happening energetically.

Bedtime Prayer for Adults

By Ariel Hardy | June 7, 2017

When we can’t fall asleep at night, it’s usually because most of our energy is trapped in the upper body. To fall asleep, we need the energy to be flowing all the way down through our lower body. Our energy gets stuck in the chest and head when we think, talk, work on the computer,…


How to Break Up

By Ariel Hardy | May 31, 2017

Sometimes it is hard to get away from an ex energetically, because they keep thinking of you and missing you. The tie is even stronger if you, too, are unclear and still wondering if you did the right thing. Here, I have written a prayer you can say to help release you: I allow my…


Cutting Cords

By Ariel Hardy | May 15, 2017

Have you ever tried to cut a flashlight beam in half with your hand? As soon as you move your hand, the light rejoins, correct? This same rule applies to energy healing work. It is impossible to cut a cord between you and someone else. Because it will just rejoin. As an energy healer, I…


What is Death?-for Kids

By Ariel Hardy | May 11, 2017

Death, being one of the topics some kids tend to think about when they are falling asleep at night, is something that, as parents, we tend to avoid discussing with our kids because we don’t want them to worry. I believe that we should face our fears and tackle them head-on. As an energy healer,…


Too Empathic

By Ariel Hardy | May 4, 2017

People ask me how, as an energy healer, am I able to go into crowds without feeling everybody’s energy. I love crowds. I am not taking on the energy of the people that I pass, because I am consciously tuning into the level of existence that is all about being God’s light for others. When…


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