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Many people ask me how to pray or what to say in a prayer.  They ask me what things they can visualize to connect to God, or the Light, better.  I write prayers and  visualizations to share how i connect to the Guides, Angels and the Light.  

I also write to explain life through the eyes of an energy healer.  I write about topics that are common themes for most of us and explain how the energy looks in different situations so that we can gain a clearer understanding of what is happening energetically.

The Sale of My MIDI Keyboard Controller

By Ariel Hardy | December 10, 2017

The Sale of my MIDI Keyboard Controller This evening, I decided to walk a few blocks from Best Buy to Guitar Center instead of drive in the holiday and rush hour traffic. As I was crossing Colorado Blvd in the cold, carrying a big old MIDI keyboard controller to resell, I caught myself expecting to be turned away,…


A Magical Existence

By Ariel Hardy | December 10, 2017

A Magical Existence Yesterday afternoon, i opened the door to head to the chiropractor, thinking, “Bummer, I wish I had ordered that Pure Wave massager earlier in the month so that I had it to take with me to show my chiropractor.” Of course, sitting outside my door was the box from Pure Wave. Delighted,…


Expecting Magic

By Ariel Hardy | August 26, 2017

Expecting Magic On Sunday, I walked the length of my boyfriend’s backyard to cut some green onions for a sauce we were making. As I walked along the path to his garden, I thought “Something magical is about to happen to me.” When I got back to the house, I was curious because nothing had…


Prayer for Prosperity

By Ariel Hardy | July 19, 2017

Prayer for Prosperity Some people think that money is a low vibration, but I see money as a gift from my Guides. They bless me with money so that I can feel safe and free. If I have plenty of money flowing through my life, I can take care of myself and others. The energy…


Suicide – for Teens

By Ariel Hardy | June 21, 2017

Many teens and adults think that killing the body will make all of their bad feelings go away. From what I have seen as an energy healer, when the body dies, the spirit leaves the body. The spirit does not always go to a heaven. Although some advanced souls go straight to the highest planes,…


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