The kids’ podcasts are some of my favorite creations in The Healing Room, (my membership website), because I think it’s hard to be a kid! We tend to think that kids are so joyful and light, but they are going through so much! They have all kinds of negative energy coming at them that they are too young to deflect. When your kid is in a bad mood, they have other peoples’ energy in their little bubble!

I created Be the Light to clear their energy. In this podcast, I remind them that they are made of light. I use their imagination to guide them in a visualization. At the end, I lead them in this prayer:

“We ask that your Angels help you to remember your light, no matter what happens in your day.
No matter what makes you in a bad mood,
we ask that your Angels refresh your energy, brighten your light, and help you get back to yourself again.
We ask that people notice your light and that you are given lots of opportunities through the day to shine your light, to give your love, everywhere you go to as many people as possible.
So every day of your life, remember, you’re really just made of light…”

Even though I created this podcast for kids, adults will get a lot out of it as well! “Be the Light” is only 8 minutes long to hold the attention of any kid! If you would like your kids to be in touch with who they are and to learn that there is more to their existence than the material world around them, The Healing Room is the perfect place to start.

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