February 6, 2014

Let’s talk about bartering with God.

Sometimes, when some of you are worrying about a friend or family member who is suffering i will hear you pray something like this:  “God, i will take the pain from my friend that i so desperately love, if you will just spare them from any more suffering.”  What kind of God are we talking to here?  This is a kind of martyrdom thinking.  Let’s stay out of the way and not put ourselves in the mix, underestimating God’s power.  When we say prayers like this, i always wonder if all of the Guides and Angels look at us like they are confused.  Asking God to give us someone else’s burden is a strange kind of voodoo, where we would take our friend’s bad energy that they are struggling with and relocate it to our own bodies.  Let us drop the feeling that we have to carry the cross for others or suffer to deserve God’s love.  There are plenty of God’s miracles to go around without having to trade with God.  There is plenty of love and healing light for all.

Let us open our heart and crown chakras to receiving the miraculous light.  A cleaner prayer would go something like this:

“God, i am worried about my friend.  Please get me out of the way by taking this worry from me.”

Then, just sit and breathe a minute while the Guides, who work as one with God, move the grey fear energy.  Then continue with something like:

“I believe that your light can heal my friend.  I ask, in the name of the God, that their suffering is removed.  I ask that your Light pours down over them now, healing every chakra, every river of energy, and every cell in their body.  I ask that they are healed spiritually, mentally and physically.  In the name of the Light.  Amen.”

After basking in this flow of God’s light that has just been sent to our friend from the Universe through us, let us stand up and go about our day, leaving it all behind, carrying nothing with us, but a light feeling of joy and miraculous energy.

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